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Beat the heat with a cold, iced coffee this summer!

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Prefer to recharge Americano with milk in the morning? Or is it better with a double espresso? We decided to find out what kind of coffee influential people drink in the morning. It turned out interesting. Beat the heat with a cold, iced coffee this summer!

For most of us, coffee has long been a kind of “fuel”. We start the day with a strong, invigorating espresso, and few can resist the temptation to grab a cappuccino after dinner. It turned out that most influential and successful people also prefer to get energized with caffeine.

Looking to be inspired and awake? Here’s a list of influential people drinking iced coffee.

You’ve probably heard of a delicious cold coffee drink, the iced coffee but did you know that there are different types of it? Perhaps the most popular options for iced coffee are Greek frappe, cold brew, and French glace (although the Austrians are willing to argue about the latter’s homeland).

Frappe is a black coffee with milk that is cooled in a blender using ice. It is usually served in tall glasses with a straw.


As for the glaze, it’s black coffee with a scoop of ice cream. Also served in tall cups with a straw.


Cold-brew, a cold-brewed coffee, has become incredibly popular in the last couple of years. The essence of this preparation method is that ground coffee is poured not with boiling water, but with cold water, and infused for about 12 hours. The advantage of such a long process is the absence of the sourness characteristic of regular black coffee. Kol bru is softer and sweeter, which means it does not require the addition of sugar, cream, or other sweeteners.

cold brew

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