Best cheeseburger

It is that good so your kids will eat this mouthwatering burger first and leave the fries!

0h 10m prep

0h 15m total

easy difficulty

Bita Cyrus Author



Combine mustard and mayonnaise in a small bowl. Then set it aside.


Form the beef into small balls (approximately the average size of a golf and a tennis ball). Then, flatten them to be very thin. You may use a spatula to make even thin patties. Add a generous amount of salt to bring out the flavours.


Place a skillet over very high heat. Once it is ready, add ghee and beef tallow. Carefully rotate the skillet to spread the grease evenly.


Add beef patties and make sure to avoid crowding them as you want each burger to cook quickly at a consistent hot temperature. Each burger gets 2 patties.


After forming a crust, flip the patties and add a slice of American cheese to each one.


Cooking the meat should take up to 2 minutes depending on your personal doneness preference. Once your patties have been cooked properly, turn off the heat and place them on a clean plate.


Place the buns into the oil for about 15 seconds to toast a bit and gain some flavour.


After removing the buns from the heat, add some of your dijonnaise sauce (step 1) on both sides of the buns.


Add two cheeseburger patties to the bottom of the bun, top with chopped red onions and pickles, and cover with the second half of the bun. Enjoy!


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